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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Ms. Kimberly Hinkston

kimberly hinkston

Hello families,

Mrs. Kimmie here! I am an early childhood educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District. I'm also an advocate for my students and an active member of my community. Working with children, their families, and the community has been a huge part of my career for the past 14 years. I started off as a teacher's assistant with the district while going to school for my Bachelor's in Child Development. I then became a Lead Teacher with the Children's Institute Inc. There I had my own classroom and directly taught 4-5-year-olds. I also received training in CLASS, Creative Curriculum, and Curriculum Development. During that time, I also earned my Masters in Education.

My personal philosophy is to always build positive and meaningful relationships with my students and their families. I believe it's important to be a role model for our youngest learners and every child who is watching. Learning should be safe, creative, messy, unique to each child's individual needs, and most of all fun! In my classroom, your child will learn how to be caring, kind, and respectful to others. They will also learn self-help skills and mastery in all developmentally appropriate domains (physical, social, emotional, and cognitive). Remember, each child is unique and develops at their own pace. They will be Kinder Ready in no time! Now let the adventure begin!


Ms. Lucy Knight

Dear Pre-K Parents, knight

Welcome to the Kentwood Early Education Center! My name is Lucy Knight and I am originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Child Development, and a minor in Psychology. In addition, I hold a site supervisor certification. I was also honored in the 2017 LAUP Early Childhood Educator of The Year.  

I have taught and worked with students from preschool to after school programs from first to fourth grades in the Los Angeles unified school district. I have enjoyed over 20 years in the field of early childhood education.  Every day is different with young children. There is never a dull moment! My teaching style still remains stimulating, challenging, and, most of all, gratifying. I have worked as a headteacher at Kentwood State Preschool Program located in Kentwood Elementary School for the last 18 years. One of the great things working at Kentwood State Preschool is the close bond between staff, parents, and children. It is like a family. I think this is one of the positive aspects of the school.  I was blessed with a healthy kidney and given a second chance on life from a formal parent and the support from our community.  

 Aside from teaching, I enjoy cooking, drawing, planting, taking a nature walk, listening to music, and watching movies. I am also an animal lover. I have two adorable dogs that I love dearly.